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The main movement of the composition takes the eye from the ship down to the first sea monster and then up from the second monster to the scene of Jonah sleeping in blissful innocence beneath the gourd tree.

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In light of Matthew , "as Jonas was in the whale's belly three days and three nights: so shall the Son of man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights," this movement is clearly about the Resurrection, not only of Christ but of all the faithful. Jonah goes into the maw naked just as catechumens go naked into the baptismal pool, and he emerges into a new life of remarkable abundance, symbolized by the man and boy fishing among a rich variety of marine life, the shady leaves and bulging fruit of the gourd tree, and the outsize sheep in the upper right.

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  • Also suggestive of the abundant life is the little Noah scene above the second head of the monster. The episode from Noah's story that the artist has chosen is the dove's gift of an olive branch. The olive is among the pre-eminent crops in Mediterranean culture, providing food and light for every home.

    It comes to Noah after the flood, "whereunto baptism, being of the like form, now saveth you also 1 Peter The saving water of Baptism is prefigured in the water Moses educes from the rock in the upper register Exodus If Fuchs is right in her interpretation of the figures to the right of Moses, and I believe she is, Resurrection is also represented there, the central figure being the resurrected Jesus. Through Jonah's perspective, we have the opportunity to perform a spiritual checkup of ourselves.

    The Jonah by James Herbert

    Do we truly forgive and love our enemies? Do we run away from the Lord about certain issues, afraid of being exposed? The answer is different for every individual, and yet God personally knows the answers to these questions. By examining ourselves in Jonah's story, we can learn to trust God in His final decisions and give all our concerns to Him, while knowing that He desires to save every individual on Earth and reunite with them forever.


    A subversive story about a rebellious prophet who despises his God for loving his enemies. Read Scripture. Forgiveness is hard Through Jonah's perspective, we have the opportunity to perform a spiritual checkup of ourselves. No one is too far for Him to reach.

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    Pagan sailors search for God's help, and Jonah is revealed as the cause of their turmoil. The sailors reluctantly throw him overboard.

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    Jonah's Prayer. A large fish swallows Jonah while out at sea. It spits him out when Jonah repents, and God tells him to go to Nineveh again.

    Nineveh Repents. Jonah tells God's warning at Nineveh, and the whole city repents--from the king to the cows! But, Jonah becomes angry when God spares the city. Jonah's Lesson.

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