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He received a standing ovation at the award ceremony at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston, and Thompson humbly thanked his friends and family in his brief, self-effacing acceptance speech. Photo by Andrew Farago.

The final installment of Cul de Sac appeared in newspapers on Sunday, September 23, The strip depicts a typical conversation between Alice and Petey as he introduces her to "'comic strips,' examples of a mighty yet dying art form. It's simple, built on misunderstanding and confusion, and it shows Alice and Petey at their best. I wouldn't take Petey's curtain line too seriously.

He is a bit of a pessimist, after all.

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Thompson is survived by his wife, Amy, his daughters, Emma and Charlotte, his father, Richard, and his brother, Tim. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, a donation be made to the Michael J. There will be a public memorial ceremony in Washington, D. Garrity was one of the artists who contributed to Team Cul de Sac. Special thanks to Mike Rhode for his assistance with this article.

Finding those characters is a long road full of experiments and many people. Rather than doing design work, I asked Richard to draw up some comic strips. My hope was this would help him focus on character attitude and acting, and not worry about what the characters looked like. This turned out to work well. Though both Joy and Sadness went through some huge changes, I think his work did show some of the entertainment possibilities that we were able to take advantage of in the film.

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Courtesy of Pete Docter. Used with permission of Pixar Animation Studios. Mo Willems on Richard Thompson:.

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A loss for cartooning, and for me personally. Over the years Richard quietly showed me the meaning of bravery and the power of humor. I remember him trying to communicate something to me, something I just couldn't understand for the first few attempts. One of the fill-in Cul de Sac strips Willems created in His work shows his genius, and it speaks for itself and will continue to do so forever. I am devastated by his passing, but grateful for his friendship. The Cul de Sac play was actually just a month or so ago in , and Richard got to see it twice.

I just discover the work of Thompson. I saw that big book on the public library shelve, saying to myself it would be very heavy to carry on my long way home. It put me in that sort of trance i used to be when i was 11, reading my Peanuts religiously. Then i read about the author and saw he was dead. My kid is too old to read to.

In Memoriam: Richard Thompson, 'Cul de Sac' Creator and Artist

Not that that will stop me from reading and enjoying the entire run of Cul ce Sac. I kept the post to two links in an effort to go minimalist as recommended. I was going to have just one but I couldn't resist linking to his work. All that said, if you are enjoying the work there are books available, including some at the lulu shop proceeds benefit Parkinson's disease research. The Compleat Cul de Sac won an Eisner this year.

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Is The Compleat complete? Or like all of the hyperbolic Calvin and Hobbes titles? Okay, really if you need to remark on someone else commenting with a link that actually appears in the post, best to just say "btw, that link was actually in the post" rather than being elliptical, so as to maybe avoid a lot of confusion that apparently occurred here like it ended up seeming that people were complaining about not enough links, which definitely isn't a problem, and the post is totally fine.

Dip pen nibs. Which are also worth obsessing about if inkwell-pen-using is your thing. But are, aside from being an ink-to-paper delivery unit, totally different from fountain pen nibs. Having obsessed about each at different times in my life, these are topics I can be incredibly boring about.

In contrast to Thompson, whose prose about dip pen nibs is delightful. Almost too painful to watch. Cul de Sac appears every morning in my RSS feed and shall continue to do so until either the feeder or feedee expires Worth it for Big Shirley alone.

Richard Thompson (cartoonist)

The artist requested some alternate strips be put in per the link. There certainly isn't going to be more and that's a true shame.

I'll take this opportunity to share my favorite Cul de Sac comic. It reminds me of the best kinds of TC Boyle short stories--there's a joke, but you're also sucker punched with something sincere and beautiful. I recently bought a Cul de Sac comic to lend to my students but I had no idea what kind of genius the author was.

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I'm blown away. Thanks, ladyriffraff.

  • Short Cuts: “The Art Of Richard Thompson,” a documentary about one of this era’s best cartoonists.
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  • Thanks so much for this post. I read a lot of comics but never tried Cul de Sac. This post convinced me to try one of the collections. I ended up loving it. When I was a kid, Calvin reminded me of my friend. As an adult, Alice reminds me of one of my daughters.

    The Art of Richard Thompson The Art of Richard Thompson
    The Art of Richard Thompson The Art of Richard Thompson
    The Art of Richard Thompson The Art of Richard Thompson
    The Art of Richard Thompson The Art of Richard Thompson
    The Art of Richard Thompson The Art of Richard Thompson

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