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Email Address. KIRKUS REVIEW For ""engine"" read ""Indian,"" a word no longer known to the dwindling knots of barely fertile humanity living out their own Indian summer among the scattered wonders--bits of stainless steel, plastic insulation sheets, engines of unknown purpose, a miraculously preserved Howard Johnson's--which are all that remain of the long-ago ""angels"" and their powers. Email address:. Please provide an email address.

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Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Book cover artist not credited. A matter of taste. I guess that's what it must boil down to. Engine Summer is a novel that has, in the two decades it's been out of print, attained a level of "cult classic" standing in SF. Yet reading it for the first time in , I have to say that I found it a cryptic, pretentious slog, although I will happily concede that Crowley conjures up several moments of lyrical beauty.

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But the story just left me flat and empty. The less sophisticated reader and who knows, maybe I am one at that might find himself using terms like "artsy-fartsy. Set in Variation 6, of a post-apocalyptic future, Engine Summer the title, we learn, is a bastardization of "indian summer" is narrated by Rush That Speaks, a young boy coming of age in a hippie-esque, communal society known as Little Belaire.

Remnants of the distant past, when Earth was inhabited by a race now come to be called "angels," when enormous highways stretched from horizon to horizon, when amazing technologies brought the entire world together as one — these histories have long since faded into murky legend.

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Rush is learning to become a Saint, one who engages in "truthful speaking. For them a secret isn't something they won't tell.

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For them, a secret is something that can't be told. For all of its pretensions, this supposedly profound tale comes off as disappointingly vapid.

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