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I keep seeing Kirk trying not to look as if Spock is very heavy, when you know darn well he must be. After days of following the fellows through baths and laundry duty and tramping all over the landscape and cooking dinners and reading classic science fiction to each other I often wonder why they couldn't have made their own flat board chess set, it would be easy to do , the story reaches a satisfactory conclusion. Instead what we get is a story that just drips intimacy, as our fellows work their way through lots of barriers to come to the final conclusion that it is really easier to admit "I love you," than to play the game that might kill one of them.

Deadly Innocence

And that the natural progression of the affection they hold for one another is expressed through closeness of the body. As soon as fans started writing fic, they began analyzing tropes , speculating and debating characterization, and commenting on the "why" of it all. Rereading "This Deadly Innocence" now reminded me of how often fic is used as part of the fannish debate. Fans observed that many of these stories were written in order to get Spock or Kirk to show vulnerability, particularly emotional vulnerability.

I got to thinking about just how dangerous the H-CS could become, and decided to expose it -- to the characters, and to the reading audience.

deadly innocence

Quote: "What's this all about, Bones? What's the point? Do you mean you really can't see the pattern? Formal and stately as a pavane.

A classic case. McCoy offers a solution: several weeks alone together on a planet where truly nothing can possibly go wrong truly! He also makes sure that they have very little in the way of distractions. Each is convinced the other is in denial — and each is utterly blind to their own lack of self-awareness. The idyllic setting is perfectly realized.

All the miniature animals, from whales to unicorns to elephants to bears, play a part in their path to understanding each other — and themselves. For those who like Naif!

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Another quote: Wish the Enterprise were still in communicator range, Kirk thought, spreading the sleeping bag on the hearthrug. Ought to talk to McCoy. He'll never believe I think he's coming apart at the seams. Probably, 'Keep him talking. Express feelings. He doesn't know how to show love Kirk paused in mid-motion while pulling open the bed.

Omigod, is that what all this craziness means? Trying to find ways to say I didn't read the fic, though. I back clicked ASAP. I LOVE those old Star Trek fics that are like 30 chapters long, impeccably written, and straight from the good old fanzine days with actual awesome illustrations. Jump to: navigation , search. I had McCoy spell it out for Kirk in the first part of the story, then had him carefully trick Spock into understanding the problem, then set Our Heroes down in a safe place where they could work out their needs in safety.

The planet is delightful, with its adorable miniature dinosaurs, and the slow pace and introspection makes the slash very organic. I also like her description of the many little beasties that live on the planet.

Worth the price of the zine Its themes continue to impress their importance upon me. In fact, I bought an extra copy of the zine just so I could loan it out to newcomers. It's a logical, though also somewhat tongue-in-cheek development of their friendship to sex, but since it doesn't contain any sex, it's not going to offend anyone or blow anyone away.

I've always felt that if the reader was disappointed in the ending, then you knew she was ready for more hardcore stuff. A delight.

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I loved it from start to finish. As I said, one for the treasure hoard. I was one of those eager fans for whom the authors of the day produced story after story where one or both of our heroes went through terrible agonies, were tortured, torn limb from limb But, oh, the satisfaction when at the end there was one moment between them, an understanding look perhaps, or if we were really lucky, a touch, maybe a be still my heart hug. This is one of the very first slash stories of any sort in any fandom and, apart from its historical importance, it's still a fascinating read. It's interesting to note that this story isn't as sexually explicit as a lot of current slash stories but I loved the many different cute little animals that were part of Spock and Kirk's world in this story.

Deadly Innocence (feat. SickTanicK)

Some readers may find the characterisations a little hard to swallow - I found both men to be more innocent then I found entirely believable - but all in all I enjoyed this story thoroughly. This one is a reluctant rec as well.

The writing is definitely purple prose to the point of almost being a turn off, but the world described in the story, oddly enough, makes me want to rec it. The story is about Spock getting injured saving Kirk and McCoy is tired of them saving each other to a ridiculous amount because they only show love when they are almost dead and it's way too dangerous. So he drops them at a planet where all the animal life is miniaturized.

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A world where a whale is only five feet long, no dangerous than a playground so they won't sacrifice each other stupidly. The description of the animals and how they're the co-stars of the fic is really fun. Important Message. Deadly innocence? Deadly Innocence? Price may vary. I Add to my wishlist. Overview Readers reviews 1 Product Details.

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Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence
Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence
Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence
Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence
Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence
Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence
Deadly Innocence Deadly Innocence

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