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You can count on cloud security. By , more than half of new business systems will incorporate continuous intelligence. Learn something thing new everyday. Share it with your tech-circle! Let us build a bigger and better community of technologists across the globe. In the near future, nearly every device in your home and at work will be connected to the internet.

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RoxAnne Sweany Greater St. Louis Area. Adam Dawes Richmond, Virginia. Parallon Years May - July Marlon English Greater Atlanta Area. Parallon Years June - May Like other applications in this roundup, the programs differ in terms of capabilities and, of course, price. The Backup Products For SMEs: A Quick Look Now that more companies are paying attention to the small to midsized enterprise marketplace, the choices of backup solutions available are plentiful.

Here is a snapshot of the applications discussed in this article. Backup Exec 10 now features a central admin server option, which gives admins the ability to manage multiple Backup Exec servers from a single console. Other features include "synthetic full backups," constructed from multiple incremental backups; data copying from remote to centralized locations Replication Exec ; and monitoring and blocking of non- business-related file storage Stor- age Exec.

If you don't have a complex network and simply need to back up a group of desktop PCs con- nected via a peer-to-peer network, the Yosemite TapeWare PC Work- group will meet your needs. Other features include wizard- driven operation, backup schedul- ing, a bare metal disaster recovery agent, and the ability to connect an unlimited number of locally attached tape devices. This applica- tion is designed for single-server backups of Windows, Linux, Net- Ware, or Unix servers connected to an unlimited number of client desk- tops.

If you want to scale up to multiple servers, you must purchase additional TapeWare licenses. Other features include backup scheduling, role- and job-based security, and remote management. It's a boon for SMEs that software companies that have traditionally overlooked smaller enterprises are finally paying attention to this key business segment. Data protection requirements for SMEs will only increase. The number of software applications that are up to the task is increasing as that happens. To find more companies that offer backup- related products, see the Applications and End Node sections of the Processor Showcase ads.

July 22, Processor. This is putting their busi- nesses at tremendous risk. Just a few years ago there was no easy answer for these business- es, which often just didn't have the resources to do the job right. Times have changed. Over the last year, the online backup and recovery market has exploded. Companies are now offering offsite disk-to-disk back- up for a fraction of what it would cost to set up hardware and main- tain it internally. The data is trans- ferred online, with on-the-fly encryption for added protection. Many analysts believe these ser- vices to be the silver bullet for SME backup needs.

Though the company is still continuing its relationship with EVault, it is shifting its SME focus by offering online backup services based on its own backend technology. Compared with its other services, Xpress- Vault is a more affordable solution for companies with between 50 and 1, employees. Like EVault, Arsenal is also a storage managed service provider, offering things like on- demand storage and data center consulting.

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But in reality the firm is focusing mainly on its ViaRemote service these days. The pay-as-you-go service offers enter- prise-wide backup to protect PCs, servers, and laptops on Windows, Linux, or Unix platforms. DataSafe is especially easily integrated with Tivoli systems to provide backup and recovery man- agement for midsized enterprises that have a lot of infrastructure but don't have the time or expertise to keep things thoroughly backed up.

Almost all of the big backup and recovery services out there will try to sell their cus- tomers based on the regulatory compliance. But EVault has espe- cially tried to differentiate itself based on its catering to the vertical markets that are most affected by these regulations, specifically the law, financial, and health care fields. Rather than focusing sole- ly as an online backup service business, EVault touts itself as a managed service provider with a greater depth of services.

EVault' s total information lifecycle manage- ment services include backup and recovery, long-term archiving, and high-availability storage services. Unlike many managed service providers that offer all of these perks, EVault uses its own in- house software and technology to power its online backup services. Live Vault. The biggest player in the SME backup and recovery market, Live Vault helped lead the surge in online backup adoption.

The company breaks up its services and products into two broad cate- gories: LiveVault InSync for SMEs and LiveVault InControl for medi- um-sized and large enterprises with Just The Facts, Ma'am Though it may seem like they are all the same, each online backup company has a different spin on pricing and market focus.

Here's a glance at what each offers. Arsenal www. BluePoint makes it especially easy for Tivoli system managers to back up their sites online. EVault www. Those that want it can still get backup services a la carte. LiveVault www. Savvy Networks www. Page 11 remote offices. Whereas InSync is a service designed to allow SMEs to implement backup strategies quickly and affordably, InControl is a backup product package that allows enterprises to build an online backup solution into their own infrastructure rather than out- sourcing that duty. As the leader of the pack in the service category, LiveVault has a numerous list of channel partners.

Data Trust all sell LiveVault services rebranded under their own banners. Savvy Networks. Savvy Net- works offers a range of offsite data backup and recovery services. In addition to its own brand of online vaulting, its hot- and warmsite server recovery services give busi- nesses the option of setting up a fully redundant offsite server con- figuration at a fraction of the cost of actually setting up such facili- ties on your own.

The company is also partnered with Intradyn to offer services in con- junction with the company's unique RocketVault appliance. The device simplifies data man- agement, offering near plug-and- play backup and archiving with little need for configuration. Picking Partners Because of the popularity of this recently formed niche, a flurry of new companies are offering online backup.

There are a few things to investigate before choosing whom to buy from. First, be sure to ask what kind of encryption the firm offers for your data. Second, you should know how long restores will take. It is also important to see if a company offers SLAs or not; a higher monthly rate may be worth it if there are more performance guarantees.

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Finally, be sure to ask if your choice is a reseller. If it is, investigate the service itself to be sure that it is a good match for your business. To find more companies that offer online backup and recovery services, see the Services section of the Processor Showcase ads. Projector www. Look no further. Patented Oce technology automatically enhances image quality so scans come out right the first time.

Weighing less than 12 ounces and measuring just 1 1 inches. IronMail combines the five critical email security components of spam and fraud prevention, virus and worm protection, policy and content compliance, email privacy, and secure email gateway into a single platform. Strongest 1U server platform in the market.

Easy to set up and manage. No additional licenses required. The AMD Opteron processor responds to market needs by pro- viding a flexible, manageable, and scalable solution that delivers Bit performance leadership. Performance: The AMD Opteron proces- sor delivers high-performance, scalable server solutions for the most advanced applications.

Investment Protection: The AMD Opteron Processor enables the transition to bit computing without sacrificing an existing investment in hardware, software and IT expertise. Assurance: AMD has earned a long-standing reputation for providing solutions that are compatible, reliable, and stable. Used by leading advertising agencies, manufacturing firms, and other Fortunate companies, Accellion Courier FTA provides an intuitive way to exchange large files of any size, including gigabytes, with internal and external recipi- ents.

These File Transfer Appliances allow users to design file-transfer processes that make sense with uncompromis- ing security while hiding its complexity from the everyday user. Intel GM E chipsets. USB 2. All platforms offered by NCS can be customized to suit your requirements. Installs in minutes. Automated, unattended operation. Idealstor is a complete backup system with ejectable inexpensive IDE ATA disks which are used for backup, while protecting your current investment in backup software.

The MDS-4 operates continuously without over- heating in the low field strength setting and intermittently in the high field strength setting. The MDS-4 can erase tapes with coercivities up to oersteds with widths up to 1 inch and oersted tapes with widths up to 8mm. The ReflexUltra7 is optimized to burn only Disc Makers Ultra brand blank media, ensuring the highest quality copies possible. C Call today for details! New features include an en- hanced user interface and a graphical Ranger Gateway viewer, as well as capabil- ities that let users forward a Syslog directly as syslog messages and that let Zone- Ranger act as a true Syslog Relay host.

Cap- able of operating in either H. The IPLink Series of VPN routers was designed as a cost-efficient solution for secure com- munication, while still allowing high-priori- ty throughput for critical data. The Series IPLink routers combine features such as QoS profiles, prioritized traffic, and other safety features for private communications. The IPC's exterior has a hinged bracket that holds the power supply. The MAX chip uses 1. Electro vay a is targeting the Tablet PC at the education, government, health care, and sales industries. The Scribbler SC runs on a 1. It includes an 8.

The unit includes a 1. The LS also includes a thumb reader that lets you secure and encrypt personal data on your hard drive. The monitor boasts an 8ms gray-to-gray response time and a contrast ratio of 1. They could be worth considerably more in determining the outcome of litigation if those words prove a company's innocence. The trick is those words have to be accessible and easily found to be of any worth.

Add to the litigation issue the requirement that pub- licly traded companies implement seven-year records reten- tion plans, and you've got a big issue to deal with. That's where iLumin' s Assentor Discovery tool comes into play. Assentor Discovery is specifically designed to assist in the document retrieving, reviewing, refining, and producing process required in many of today's legal cases where email is involved.

Assentor Discovery works with all the major email systems and has the ability to "auto- discover" personal email archives stored on network shares. Veritas has a similar product called Enterprise Vault offering essentially the same archiving and retrieval capabilities as the EMC offering.

Version 2. A Web-based litigation support tool makes inter- acting with the program easier. Queries based on NLP Natural Language Processing coupled with the catego- rization and filtering features enable more powerful and directed searching. Abo, Logo,t E.. Aid I f" -liner Iltm-ii -ddi-,:-; opossis "lis iieisa. Assentor Discovery 2. Solid State www. Migo is the mobile computing solution that allows you to take the power of your per- sonalized computing envi- ronment everywhere you go. The image- RUNNER C is designed for high-qual- ity, light-production color and offers up to 26ppm in both color and black and white.

Geared toward primary, secondary, disk-to-disk backup, archival storage, and disaster recovery, JMR's SATA storage products for the VAR channel are fully integrated turnkey inter- operable solutions. With additional arrays, JMR claims users can scale to over half a petabyte in one system. The Reflectors use wiz- ards to help sysadmins set up backup pro- cedures with smart compression and dataset spanning for networked user and server content.

A Reflector system can also print a full-color label on suitable discs for instant archivability. It includes features such as autodiscovery, continuous network monitoring, automated alerts, centralized configuration tools, firmware maintenance, and reporting tools. In addition to the new access-point edi- tion, WiFi Manager is also still available in editions for 50, , , or unlimited access points. It has a centralized management console, agent deployment to systems on the net- work, and support for running security applications on remote systems.

The latest version of Acronis Privacy Expert is designed to provide protection from common threats, such as identity theft and fraud. Acronis Privacy Expert 8. A spyware shield and automatic spyware definition updates help prevent malicious activity. IP SAN Device Manager software, which can be used to remotely configure and monitor the storage subsys- tems, is also included. Au- tomatic detection of failed drives and automatic rebuilds of spare drives from global hot spare pools are also supported. The xStack will implement a feature called Micro Rebuilds that will significantly reduce the wait time for requesting systems caused by missed or erro- neous drive commands.

Two versions of the xStack will be available: One is slated to be a compact 1. The D-Link xStack Storage family is expected to be made available in the fall. Direct Attached Storage www. The JBOD enclosure is extremely small, cost effective, and highly scalable based on the 2. High-speed and dependable disk-to-disk technology. Ideal for tape library replacement, server consolidation, and cluster configurations, including email, web, and database servers.

On-line capacities up-to 6. A subsidiary of Alanco Technologies, Inc. The OS includes the ability to share loads between multiple gateways, both physical and virtu- al, enhanced gateway failover, and policy- based routing capability. The company also introduced a new mobile VPN client. Senforce says this endpoint security program protects systems across existing Wi-Fi standards and the forthcoming These products serve as answers to security risks found in server- based applications.

They are designed to minimize the impact of malicious code, spam, and other attacks by inappropriate content. For instance, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange v7. All of the products are cur- rently available on a per-user basis. Using Citrix Access Essentials, organizations of up to 75 Microsoft Windows users can securely con- nect to centralized information. By combining tech- nologies from Citrix and Microsoft, Citrix Access Essentials lets users run programs from a central and secure location while appearing to run them on their local machine.

This enables fast response times, regardless of the user's true location. Citrix Access Essentials is available exclusively through authorized Citrix Solution Advisors in five-user packs through the Citrix easy licensing program. Version 9. MKS Toolkit 9. Also included in the kit is an enhanced secure visual file manipulator which allows you to drag and drop files and directories and edit permissions in Unix, Linux, and Windows environments.

The MKS Toolkit 9. This service helps businesses identify where their IT systems are vulnerable to failures from power loss or overheating. Emerson Network Power has availability experts who provide analy- sis and recommendations for ways to inte- grate reliable power and cooling solutions to help systems stay up and running.

This assessment service was developed with support from Network Frontiers and input from IT, facilities, and business continuity professionals worldwide. Customers also receive a business impact analysis of their company's current IT network power avail- ability though generation of metrics such as risk scores, downtime tolerance, and dis- ruption costs. The tech- nologies provide long-term stor- age of large amounts of data and still allow for quick, on-demand retrieval of that data.

Fast, reliable, and cost-effec- tive storage and retrieval is a growing industry, especially with the new federal and worldwide compliance regulations requiring companies to archive and main- tain easy access to stored data for longer periods of time. And according to Forrester Research, data is growing at rates that near- ly double yearly. According to StorageTek, the IntelliStore is the "world's first intelligent archive and compliance solution that delivers 10 times the capacity for a lower entry cost than the nearest competitor.

The IntelliStore is based on a reduced Linux Kernel and uses dual Xeon nodes configured in a mesh design. The proprietary file system is more efficient than Windows NTFS or standard CIFS, but the device supports all three file systems, providing flex- ibility and versatility. The IntelliStore solution is unique from many of its competi- tors by delivering performance and scalability across multiple plat- forms and offers the ability to consolidate and archive multiple applications. Another key feature is that the IntelliStore provides seamless integration of security and compliance policy manage- ment across write-once, read-many disk and tape.

A company's invest- ment for existing data storage resources is protected because any integrated tape can be leveraged. The IntelliStore lets companies manage and migrate data automati- cally, based on a defined security policy, and apply the security data protection across all combinations of storage devices. However, StorageTek asserts that IntelliStore is 10 to 15 times faster and has up to 15 times the managed file capacity of its EMC rival. One of its greatest strengths is management of the information lifecycle. Disk-only archiving can be costly and difficult to scale.

Tape-based solutions were often slow to access the stored data but provided the risk mitiga- tion disk base systems lacked. Combining both technologies improves both long-term storage performance and management. Network Attached Storage www. Where are the bottlenecks going to be when the business really grows? Which component will saturate next? And when? What will the impact be on the current response time when a new appli- cation is added?

Maybe we need a capacity-planning guru for this. Or is she already too busy? To answer most of these questions, the new PAWZ Per- formance Analysis Web Zone Planner is an option for the IT professional who needs to determine what computing re- sources are required to meet future business growth. PAWZ is Web-based, enterprise-level, automated performance manage- ment software that uses a queu- ing, network modeling engine to analyze end-to-end performance of systems, networks, and appli- cations.

And it will help answer most capacity- and performance- related questions. For each server that is monitored, a perfor- mance monitor and an agent col- lect information on a daily basis or more frequently if needed.

Users can define workload pro- files, change sampling intervals, or data-fetch time for each server. Selected users receive Exception reports, which are generated in the database. The PAWZ Planner will auto- matically produce reports and graphs that detail saturation response time, device utilization, device rate, throughput, and exact remaining capacity headroom. Headroom trending graphs show how remaining capacity has been used over a period of time.

Cus- tom and Detail reports are avail- able. The Planner can run on demand or automatically each day at a prescheduled time. As a result, management can examine system, network, and application performance from an intranet browser anywhere in the enterprise. They can look at resources such as CPU, disk 10, or memory to get an enterprise- level vision of their future tech- nology needs.

Or they can drill July 22, down to process-level and disk- level data, either in real time or historically, all with no manual intervention. The Planner is easy to install and operate and requires no scripting. It can use predefined workloads or can be customized for specific workload definitions. By automat- ing the performance monitoring and capacity planning process, it lets IT professionals focus on solv- ing business problems. Making the selection process easier is one of the qualities Network Appliance offers with its ConsultingEdge package of six new consulting and integration services.

The products, he adds, provide assistance in designing and imple- menting a data infrastructure that is cost- effective and flexible. They encompass everything from the corporate data center to remote offices in a single, easy-to-man- age storage environment. The new service packages focus on risk avoidance to provide seamless transition to and incorporation of new technologies, pro- ject management, and training. They also emphasize cost reduction to achieve maxi- mum value from new and existing equip- ment by better allocation of resources and improved storage management techniques.

The service packages focus on faster deployment to create faster return on investments and benefits, without sacrific- ing productivity. The services also concentrate on perfor- mance improvements, which enhance storage service quality and make possible easier use and administration of re- sources.

In addition, the packages high- light flexibility to implement best policies and processes and make sure the solution meets future customer needs. Cost depends on the customer. For example, consulting services associated The new service packages emphasize cost reduction to achieve maximum value from new and existing equipment. Snapshot Network Appliance ConsultingEdge Services Complete consulting solutions involving risk avoid- ance, cost reduction, faster deployment, perfor- mance improvements, and maintaining flexibility www.

Services can be pur- chased independently or in advance of making a decision on a hardware and soft- ware purchase. The new products are important to the IT market because they "enable storage buyers to deliver on the business benefits that are expected from an investment in IT infra- structure," Williams says. The ConsultingEdge product, Williams adds, distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a choice between an end-to-end solution and short, targeted intervention.

EMC's services include information protection services, stor- age management, architecture and consoli- dation services, and classification and policy services. The HP consulting packages include network and system management, recovery, security, workload management, storage, and time and expense consulting. You can instantly add up to GB of storage space to users on your network. Just plug the Ethernet Disk to any Ethernet port, and start shar- ing the disk among as many as 25 users at the same time.

For further information, visit www. NET Version 4. Dual Intel Xeon proces- sors up to 3. It is the logical choice to the space constraint problems existing in today's offices. Custom configuration available. The Digital Infrastructure Fremont Blvd. Q: When do you believe disk-to-disk-to-tape backup will become mainstream? A: It's the single biggest area of interest in the market today. The tech- nology is coming to make it a no-brainer. Q: What intelligence gets moved into the fab- ric and when? Put- ting storage intelligence inside a switch is a vendor pipe dream.

Specialized appliances are a much bet- ter approach. Most people just want their switches to switch, not perform appli- cation-layer storage tasks like virtualization. Forget about file system intelli- gence in a switch. Any- body remember Pirus? Good, I didn't think so. Q: What do you think the most important problem is in storage today? A: It's finding the stuff we store amidst all the garbage we keep dragging around.

I think a lot of peo- ple are interested in sec- ondary tiered storage to function like a digital com- post heap. I really think we are becoming less and less efficient in our work be- cause we spend more and more time looking for the data we need. Back in the '60s, there was a big gov- ernment ad campaign to "Keep America Beautiful. The problem is that in the digital world we are all insane litterbugs and masters of our own trash heaps. Admit it, it's ugly in there. Q: So how do I separate out the garbage data from the good data? A: Now that's a hum- dinger.

If you believe that the garbage problem is never going away, then you are left with using search tools for finding relevant data.

Wrong document context!

My desktop search is probably more of a pain in the rear than it's worth, though, so I'm not con- vinced search is all that useful. A file system that actively identifies and clas- sifies data using advanced rules would be nice. But the interest in that kind of file system appears to be nil, so I guess we better get used to using search tools.

Q: What is the viability of the Linux platform in the enterprise? A: Hmmm. Not much of a storage question, but storage guy likes the topic anyway. If you think about Linux as the best match for virtual systems using VMware EMC or even OpForce Veritas , then it's already viable and doing great stuff for lots of people.

It's sort of a secret, except that too to a lot of SMB customers. Newer vendors that don't have entrenched business with the Fortune can be more responsive to smaller IsWlsWiEcls many companies are al- ready using it. A: When the VAR chan- nel figures out that it can make lots of money help- ing customers save lots of money on storage. He is also the president of Building Storage, Inc.

Farley regularly writes and speaks about storage networking technology and is an online expert for the SearchStorage Web site. Q: What type of con- sumer has the ear of stor- age vendors? Enterprises, SMBs, government, what? A: Most storage vendors still listen primarily to large enterprise accounts because the size of those big deals affects their quarterly rev- enues.

This is true even for companies like Dell that sell customers. This is why newer storage vendors can make it today; the SMB market will float them. Q: Is there a difference between backup and ar- chive? Why does this seem to be so confusing? A: Yes, there is a differ- ence.

Backup is primarily used to recover data near term, say over the span of a few days to a few months. Archive is for covering your butt from litigation and the like.

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It's also useful as a way to create an organized dumping ground for old data. Sorry Unix Dude, just let the world use "archive" to mean something useful instead of being used as an ego prop or a way to con- fuse your management. Q: Have you ever thought about how much physical space all the disk storage space takes up in the world today? A: No. But if we are living inside a col- lapsing black hole with rel- ativistic time dilation, does it matter? Maybe then I'd ask, how much garbage data gets squirted through a wormhole, and is it en- crypted or not? Q: No, that's not what I meant.

What I really wanted to know was how much space the space character is taking up in the universe. And how much resource is spent managing it? A: Exactly 2. Send your comments to marc processor, com Power Supply www. It is useful for applications with numerous optional peripheral devices or for systems that may require peripheral field-upgrades. After four months, they finally responded to my request for help. The stream of messages was almost comical. They finally called me when I started talk- ing about the FTC and consumer fraud.

No, there was no real resolution, but they're sending me a cell phone battery to shut me up. I guess they don't know me very well. First, ADO. NET 2. Why go to the trouble of using this class when you can simply code your own Connections tring? Well, if you misspell the keywords, you won't find out until run- time — way too late to do anything about it.

To address this issue, the SqlConnection- StringBuilder class exposes properties for each of the critical ConnectionString keywords, so you can use strongly typed named refer- encing to set them. As you enter the properties, Visual Studio Intellisense helps remind you of the acceptable datatype but does nothing to make sure you set a value in a reasonable range, unless you include the new add-in "DoItRightTheFirstTime" that corrects this kind of mistake automatically.

This can cause grief if you don't set it to false. Sure, MARS is interesting to the market- ing types comparing SQL Server with Oracle and for a few very few situations where you need to use the same connection to perform another operation. It's easi- er, faster, and safer to just open another connection.

However, one of the prob- lems associated with MARS beside poorer performance is that it can lock up your application if you try to open more than nine con- nections. They're still work- ing on this issue. Cleaning Out The Connection Pool Overflowing connection pools is one of the perennial issues we've been fighting since the ODBC drivers first implemented connection pooling.

The problem has exacerbated since the. NET Framework changed when objects are disposed when left for the garbage collector. In the 1. Unfortunately, they don't work all that well. They've been replaced with another dozen perf counters that can be used to keep tabs on the pool. I wrote an "exerciser" ap- plication for the book that's designed to stress the pool and watch how it behaves when typical stuff happens.

For example, if the server goes down, all of the connec- tions in the pool are blinded. Only then does the pooler tell you something is wrong. It also ignores the fact that there are 27 other connections in the pool in the same state of dis- repair. Your code must retry at least 27 times before you start finding out that the serv- er is really down. They finally fixed this in the 2.

Now when the server goes down and blinds all of the connec- tions in the pool, the pooler flushes the pool at the first sign of trouble. Unfortu- nately, the pooler makes a rather rude sucking noise when this happens, but they're working on that too. Microsoft also added a lever to the side of the 2. NET Data Providers that flushes the current connection's pool, as well as all pools for your app domain.

After 14 years at Microsoft, Vaughn stepped away to work on his new books, in addition to mentoring and leading training seminars. In the first case, if you know the. SqlClient you can use the DbProvider- Factories.

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CCSP CSI1.1 Knet CCSP CSI1.1 Knet
CCSP CSI1.1 Knet CCSP CSI1.1 Knet
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